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What is Cooking from the Heart?


Whether you work in an office all day or stay home, life is very busy. Time escapes us and so does our energy and creativity – especially when after a long day, its time to get into the to the kitchen for dinner. We still want to do the best for our families and provide them the best nutrition, but where's the time? It takes a lot of effort!


When I was asked about possibly doing a cooking show I immediately thought –what am I an expert in? Well, I’m an expert in being exhausted, and frustrated... but more so in loving my family and wanting to do what’s best for them. And I knew I wasn’t alone.


So Cooking from the Heart was born.


On the show, I strive to keep you out of the kitchen while keeping your family happy. Life is incredible and incredibly short. So we need to focus on what's important. What I do is bring easy ways of feeding your entire family ... food that is healthy, delicious, budget friendly and doesn’t take a whole lot of time to prepare. I want to help get you out of the kitchen and back to your family, or your friends, or even just back to yourself for some much needed relaxation and time to recharge your heart and soul.


Cooking from the heart is about cooking with love for your family and for yourself.

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