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Season 1 - Episodes 3-7

Chocolate Pecan Pie


On this episode, Karen shares two firsts…..her first first is having a guest cook with her, the second first is doing an all-dessert episode!

Watch Karen and Tammy teach each other how to prepare two of their favorite sweet indulgences. Extra points if you can answer how Karen won over her father-in-law!


5 Minute Fudge


Karen (and Sienna!) show you how to make the world’s easiest fudge!

This 2-ingredient convection is a simple, delicious confection you can make with your kids in no time! Watch this super short video and get ready to share some great (and yummy) times with your loved ones in NO time!


Ecuadorian Delights


Loaded with flavor and a snap to make, Karen shows you how to make one of her childhood favorites from her time growing up with her mom in Ecuador. If you’re on a budget, this fan-favorite is on you won’t want to miss!


Deconstructed Chicken Loaf


On this episode, Karen tackles leftovers! Just because you made something realy delicious, doesn’t mean you necessarily want to eat it in the same form every day that week.  Karen shows you a super simple and delicious way to reuse your leftover chicken!


Zesty Slow Cooked Beef


On this episode, Karen shows you how to make a meaty zesty meal that your family is sure to love!



Springtime Chicken & Dumplings


On this episode, Karen shows you how to make a southern favorite with a healthy twist! You will never look at chicken and dumplings the same way again!


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