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An Apple a Day....

As if the crunchy, delicious, sweetness wasn't enough, among all of the incredible dietary benefits of eating an apple such as the vitamin and fiber content, research has provided us with even MORE reasons to eat apples. But, note to self, DON'T peel them! Apparently there is a chemical in the peel called ursolic acid

which not only increases brown fat, aka the good fat (Who knew there was a "good fat" -right?) which helps us to lose weight, but it also helps build muscle and improve muscle quality, deterring the effects of aging. So, just give your apples a good wash (i like to spray mine with a solution of vinegar and water 1:3) and dry and crunch away! Oh, and if your little ones don't like the peel, then after peeling and slicing them, treat yourself to an added boost of urisol!

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