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About Karen


All my life I’ve loved adventures. I’ve hiked the Great Wall of China, gone paragliding in the Swiss Alps, canoed in the Amazon River and also ridden through the Andes on the top of a train, among other things. After marrying the man of my dreams in my late thirties, I embarked on the biggest adventure of all, motherhood. As “older parents” our biggest challenge has been keeping up with our daughter’s energy. I love that we have learned to play again – I have an excuse to jump around inside bounce houses and go to skating rinks! And, I really love when my wonderful husband takes Sienna for a Daddy/Daughter day and I get to recharge!


About the Show


Cooking from the Heart, a cooking show geared toward busy moms/dads who want to prepare healthy, delicious, budget-friendly meals for their families, but don’t want to miss out on precious family time, by being stuck all day in the kitchen. This is my dream gig because I love cooking and I love helping people find ways to simplify their lives. This “local” cooking show has been picked up nationally and is now available to 57,000,000 homes across the country!




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